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Eastern Michigan University Bright Futures Program Aims to Intentionally Support Social Emotional Learning

By Anna Gersh, Ph.D. from David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality

Above: Discussion Map from Bright Futures SEL Summit.

Anna Gersh, David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality staff and consultant for Eastern Michigan University Bright Futures program shares the following reflections on her SEL work with the EMU Bright Futures Staff:

“I’m grateful to have this opportunity to describe how the SEL movement has affected the clients I work with and my relationship to this project. I am working most closely with one client (EMU Bright Futures) which has fully embraced the SEL work. They have contributed content validity evidence to our new SEL measures that we have been developing at the Weikart Center. The Project Director, as a former superintendent, is acutely aware of the impact that improving SEL skills has on student learning. Additionally, our state of Michigan is looking at establishing a set of SEL standards to be mandated in classrooms across the state. With this in mind, this partner has shown great leadership in contributing to the knowledge base of SEL measurement and training needs.

We are certainly seeing a great deal of attention around social emotional learning! Anyone even remotely connected to the education field is talking about it – the idea that students simply cannot learn without a strong social and emotional skill foundation is now well understood. I think the SEL Challenge work has provided a great deal of testimonial evidence that will help communicate its value to those who still need convincing. > The Thrive guide provides practical and clear evidence of value in the words of expert practitioners and the youth they serve.”

To see an SEL resource developed through the EMU Bright Futures program, please see here.

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