Emotion Management

Emotion management is the ability to be aware of, and constructively handle, both positive and challenging emotions.

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Emotion management is the ability to be aware of and constructively handle both positive and challenging emotions. Through out-of-school programs, youth learn how to process and manage the emotions they develop during group activities and projects, and those they experience through other events in their lives. These can include the loss of a friend or family member or troubles at home.

Emotion management also helps youth manage the situations that trigger emotions, and attune to the valuable information and motivation emotions can provide when they are understood. By helping youth learn the skills to manage their emotions, youth learn to process a range of feelings, while also learning self-advocacy skills that will help them in school, work, and life.

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As program managers, our own emotions are also part of the conversation. How do you deal with your emotions in a healthy way while helping youth manage theirs?

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