Navigating Personal and Professional Relationships with Youth

By YWB Staff from YW Boston

This document outlines expectations for Init Program staff and volunteers regarding appropriate communications with your delegates, including maintaining professional boundaries. Below the guidelines you will find the rationale for creating them, including an exploration of the multiple roles of youth workers and the importance of boundaries when involved in youth development work.

Description: This document outlines professional boundary and communication guidelines for the InIt program, which could be adopted/adapted by other youth programs. In addition to program-specific guidelines, the document also discusses the multiple roles held by youth program leaders and offers tips for navigating professional and personal boundaries in these unique settings.

This is a reference document as opposed to a facilitated activity; for less experience staff, more time should be allotted to walking through the document and answering questions (see below re: Assessing Impact).

Assessing Impact: Since this isn’t a facilitated activity, we don’t assess impact. However, we do walk through the document and ensure that staff understand what our guidelines are as well as the rationale behind them so they can make appropriate judgment calls if situations not covered by the guidelines arise. It’s important to allow space for discussion and questions as opposed to just handing out the document.

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