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Social Emotional Learning Toolkit from ACT for Youth Development Professionals

By CYHUN Staff from Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a student-centered approach that emphasizes building on students’ strengths; developing skills through hands-on, experiential learning; giving young people voice in the learning process; and supporting youth through positive relationships with adults over an extended period of time. Commonly used in school and after-school settings, SEL programming offers strategies and techniques helpful to other youth work professionals. Many of these strategies align with the features of effective youth development settings identified by the National Research Council.

Resource available here.

This tool provides a number of different resources for entry-level and experienced youth development professionals.

Novice- The Core Competencies and Strategies provide a number of resources and ideas for those beginning to explore SEL.

Experienced- The SEL Evidence section provides tools for someone to create an evidence-based SEL framework that fits best with their program and age-appropriate practices for the youth they serve.

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