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The Guidance Center of Westchester County's Foundation in Feelings Collaborative Action Program

By Staff from Guidance Center of Westchester County (NY)

The Foundations in Feelings Collaborative Action Program aims to build social-emotional capacities in children from birth to age five

The ultimate goal of Foundations in Feelings (FIF) is for no child to be asked to leave a daycare or preschool program due to behavioral issues and no child is hospitalized for mental health concerns. The FIF staff provides a pro-social program called Second Step, designed to build emotional resilience and self-regulation skills in children. They also provide staff development and skills training around the social-emotional development of children and a parent group support.

The core value of the program is that all preschool children can learn and are entitled to an education that is emotionally responsive and inclusive. Preschool education prepares children for Kindergarten and yet youngsters are expelled from public and private programs at an alarming rate. These children then face an enormous disadvantage by Kindergarten age and often go on to repeated suspensions and school failure by age six. Foundations in Feelings Collaborative Action Program aims to address this and in the 2014-15 school year, the program prevented the expulsion of 62 high risk preschoolers. Learn more about it in their program overview.

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