The Safe Zone Project: Genderbread Person and LGBTQ Umbrella

By PWBF Staff from Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory

This module provides a brief lecture and activity to ensure that participants understand the important difference between gender, sex, and sexual orientation. Essentially a primer on LGBTQ101, this training set uses inclusive language and trauma-informed practices to explore this topic.

Description: Program can be found here.

Try it on: The training instructions outline some simple ‘dos and don’ts’ for the facilitator, including practicing the lecture before facilitation, looking up language that is foreign or unfamiliar, and even using a personal or celebrity example to tease out what we do and what we don’t know about others.

Novice vs Experienced: A more in-depth two hour long training offered by the same Safe Zone Project is available on their website free and easy to download. The module comes with instructions for facilitation, printable packets for participants, and even evaluation and feedback forms. [The Safe Zone Project - Full]

Assessing Impact: This particular training has feedback forms and evaluations that are helpful for assessing impact. With most weekly professional development trainings, assessment takes place at the beginning of the following training. Facilitator spends the first 10 minutes of the next session to hear reactions, responses and reflections on the previous week’s meeting. Additionally we hold each other accountable and support one another to use the concepts from training (e.g. relying on staff support to confront a student who is using offensive gendered language).

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