Creating and Maintaining Effective Working Relationships

Teamwork means working around miscommunication and ego among teammates to combine multiple ideas into a single product.

Creating and maintaining effective working relationships is an advanced skill. There are many challenges that can thwart or undermine effective teamwork, including poor communication skills or group dynamics, disagreements, everyday work frustrations, negative energy or problem behaviors of individuals, and social conflicts.

Differences of opinion and personality occur and need to be worked through by the group, whether the end product is a theatrical production, a community service project, or a boat. Natalie Cooper at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee (BGCGM), said:

Quote markThe process for getting kids to agree on anything is very tedious. There’s a lot of arguing. When the kids are forced to bring together 22 ideas and formulate one, there’s a battle. You definitely can see the strong personalities taking surface, but what’s even more powerful is when one of those strong voices can see that there’s a sister or brother in the room who has a thought like them, they want to say something, but they’re scared to say something, and instead of using their voice to share their ideas, they share the idea of the person who isn’t yet comfortable to speak. That’s powerful.

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