Modeling and Demonstrating what Responsibility Looks Like

Staff model and fulfill their own roles in the program, defining and discussing them with youth.

Developers of SEL Challenge programs realize youth cannot be expected to grow in responsibility if staff are not modeling their own professional standards and role requirements.

Staff model behavior in specific ways for youth. They may engage in the same task as the youth, demonstrating how to do it. They may describe their own role and the roles of the youth. They may point out behaviors that serve as an example of a role being carried out successfully by staff or youth. Laura Greenlee Karp at Voyageur Outward Bound School (VOBS) explained how modeling works on their expeditions:

Quote markThe roles are established by the instructors, and then the instructors will walk through the roles with the students, but the instructors are always actively modeling what those roles look like.

In modeling their own roles, staff are both providing instruction and communicating to youth their high expectations.

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