Sharing Personal Stories

When youth can share their stories and listen to the stories of others, it enhances knowledge of self and others.

Programs should help youth learn about diverse perspectives through an active process of listening, understanding, and identifying the personal experiences of others. This skill does not always come automatically. Through listening, really listening to each other’s stories, it is not unusual for youth to have revelations about how they engage with others. For some, being listened to is itself a new experience, and it allows for self-reflection. Elizabeth Howard at The Possibility Project (TPP) said:

Quote markSometimes they’re saying stuff, and it’s not a huge revelation to anyone else, but they’d never said it out loud before to people who are listening. Just to understand that everybody has a story. That’s something that people will say to me oftentimes as they leave—someone just said it to me in the last rehearsal for this year—that

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